Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Making Calendar work with Thunderbird and Outlook

Many people who uses thunderbird want to exchange calendars with Windows Outlook.

Here is the new plugin for the thunderbird.Lightning Project. This plugin allows you to manage calendars..etc

Here is a simple trick to import M$ Outlook invitations.
(1) Install the Lightning extension
(2) Restart thunderbird
(3) Ask your friends who are in Outlook, to send an invite
(4) The invite contains the following attachments
- .ics file ( the ical standard file)
- Part 1.1.1 ( something like this)
(5) If i see the 2nd type of file. Rename it to something meaningful like 'abc.ics'
(6) Thunderbird=>Calendar=>Import
(7) Now u have the tasks imported into your thunderbird !

Here are some images.