Monday, April 14, 2008

HP Pavilion Webcam on Fedora 9

Folks at mediati are working hard to bring the r5u870 webcam work with the latest linux kernels, after the initial work done by Sam Revitch on this type of webcam.

I've again built the rpm package to work with the Latest Fedora 9 (rawhide as of 14-apr-08). Older RPM with the source code from Sam Revitch can be downloaded here

Download this Package for Fedora dkms-r5u870-0.11.0-8.noarch.rpm.bz2 , this package compiles on all fedora distributions with linux kernel higher than 2.6.16 (even the latest 2.6.25-rc9, Fedora 9)

Installation process

1. Download and extract this file

 bunzip2 dkms-r5u870-0.11.0-8.noarch.rpm.bz2

2. Install this package with yum.

yum install ./dkms-r5u870-0.11.0-8.noarch.rpm --nogpg

3. Start your favorite viewer to see the webcam (ex. tvtime)


NOTE: Currently cheese is not able to read from the webcam for some reason (tested in Fedora 9 rawhide). But the webcam works in gstreamer-properties


  1. Hi Naresh,

    Thank you for your blog!
    You definitely made my day!



  2. Hi Naresh, good work there. Just wanted to add that with Fedora 10, there is no need to install the driver manually. One has to set the correct device in gstreamer-properties and the webcam works straight out of the box, at least in cheese. Cheers!